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In 2011, Marc Andreessen, the creator of the original web browser, published the article "Why Software is Eating the World”, foreshadowing the dominance of IT companies such as Facebook, Apple, and Amazon will overturn and disrupt traditional industry structures. Fast forwarding to present day, we know the answer to the article above: A big YES. With everyday life filled with technology, not only did IT companies become the market leaders of the world, but also created a pathway for new industries to emerge. Who would’ve imagined staying at an vacation house booked via Airbnb, and during your stay ordering food from local restaurants via Uber Eats from the palm of your hands would be possible? This is what the power of software represents.

We at matsuri technologies strive to continue the trend and open the door to a better tomorrow.



Building meaningful products to existing and new industries

We are not just an ordinary software startup, as we believe our value lies in finding “what should be” as to how they currently stand. Backed by professionals from various backgrounds, we aim to tackle industry wide problems, and resolve them using software and technology. Our goal is to not develop software but to innovate old traditions and market practices. Unlike other startups we take the time and effort to take initiative to do the “dirty work” to resolve such issues. Humanity has seen marvelous advancement in the technological industry, and we hope to strive that to new heights. Building meaningful products to existing and new industries- is our mission and our identity.



Tackle the Status Quo

We strongly believe in the potential of software. On the other hand, we also understand it has its limitations. Our vision is to integrate software into existing operation to minimize human errors to build a highly efficient business model. We aim to problem solve by understanding the fundamental issue and we do not take short cuts.



Innovation first

We love to challenge the status quo and tackle old traditions

First penguin spirit

Failure is the mother of success- Quick fall and get back up spirit


Make things happen- we act as we say

Be professional

Positive, Willingness, and Punctual

Win with team

Win as a team- within our company and with our stakeholders



matsuri technologies

The concept of corporate logo is "Development of Humanity"

Our corporate color represents fire, which in many eyes is the symbol for first major development by humanity.The curves on the logo represent the long and winding path road to innovation. Although there might be dead ends on the way, As the famous Confucian scholar, Issai Sato once stated, "No need to fear darkness, if there is strong light to guide the passage”.

We at matsuri technologies will continue strive to be a group of individuals lighting this difficult path.




Continue to create "meaningful new industries" under a new corporate brand

The year 2023 marks a benchmark in matsuri technologies' young history. As we as a society continue to recover from the effects of COVID-19 global pandemic, we as a company faced many challenges during the last four years. Looking back as I sit in my seat in 2023, I was devastated to see close to 80% of our sales and reservations be wiped out. “It must be a bad dream”, but the situation only got worse as the months passed by. However, as with anything in life, the silver lining from the global pandemic was that we were not only able to make it out what seemed like an endless darkness, but we came out even stronger.

“When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade”. This mentality is what I believe to be the key factor in our recovery. But in order to achieve this there needs to be actions taken under a strong willingness. With that in mind I decided to renew our corporate brand and mission: Building meaningful products to existing and new industries .

In the short term, I plan to focus our company's resources to revolutionizing the real estate and hospitality industry. In the long term I hope to bring matsuri technologies' DNA in to other industries in order to achieve our mission.

Keita Yoshida