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Software Services

As a software startup we developed a series of products that enables for efficient and remote operation of facilities.

From reservation to check out, our goal is to provide user friendly experience through for guests of all needs.

With our industry leading technology we unlock the potential of operating vacation rentals for both property owners and guests.

m2m Series

m2m Systems

Guest Relationship Management

・Connects guests to our operators ・Message Templates in various languages to accomodate all needs
Service Site

m2m Check-in

Check-in software

・Remotely check in with built in KYC function ・Smart Key to monitor entrance

m2m Core

Facility Management System

・Revenue and Cost management ・Reservation status management

m2m Inventory

Inventory Management System

・Database for location and status of given inventory

m2m Operation

Quality Control System

・Automatic assignment of on-site work ・Cleaning reports to ensure quality control ・Quick and efficient sorting of images to optimize operation

Platform Services

Our platform service provides an experience like no other- from short term rentals to long term leases, we provide a variety of properties to fit various needs. In need of a place to stay for vacation? We've got the perfect place. Looking for a comfortable option in a convenient location for a business trip? We can provide that as well.

All in one platform- from vacation needs to long term leases

Guests can search for rooms from single use to luxurious penthouse type apartments. Easy to use User Interface lets our guest complete reservation to check out from the palm of their hands.

Service platform focused on temporary return

Temporary Return, whether it is living abroad for a job or academic purposes is always a hassle, especially for an extended period of time. We aim to provide “second home experience” for our guests to alleviate the inconvenience.

Service platformed aimed at couples

Moving in together as a couple is a huge step to taking relationship to the next level. And lets be honest- its a huge monetary commitment too. With our platform couples can now “test the waters” before

Operation/Branding Services

Our tech-leading, forward thinking approach maximizes earning potential for owners. From lodges to multi-family housing to hotels, we provide professional care to our owners across various types of assets.

1.Facility Operation
Our unique lineup of software, we are able to provide professional yet cost efficient facility management service.
We operate a number of our facilities under our flag ship brand: “Stayme” and “S-Villa”.

stayme/stayme THE HOTEL

Urban Accommodation

“Stayme” is our flagship brand for urban accommodation. The concept is based on a single concept: “a luxurious experience with an at home atmosphere” Located in urban areas such as Tokyo and Osaka, all rooms are uniquely designed by our in house team. “Stayme The HOTEL” is our hotel brand which provides spacious rooms equipped with basic appliances.


Vacation Lodge

"S-villa" is our flagship brand for vacation lodges. Located in more rural areas, the concept is to provide our guests a more closed and private staying experience. Whether its family use or a short trip with friends, “S-Villa” aims to provide every niche needs without any unwanted surprises.